Dental Implant Placement and Restoration

Dental implant procedures have come a long way over the years. Currently, dental implants perform very repably, last longer than bridges, and offer a great fit and cosmetic appearance. Let’s breakdown some of the details of the process here:

How are dental implants created?

Implants generally have a three step treatment process:

1. First and foremost, Dr. Blackhurst will evaluate your bone structure and surrounding teeth to make sure that an implant is the right choice. Having strong surrounding teeth is not as important for dental implants as it is for bridges, but it still helps to reduce the pressure points in the mouth and possible early failure. If an implant is the right choice, then the surgical implant is placed in the bone of the jaw. This is done in one visit, but the heapng time can be two to four months while the implant is fused into the existing bone structure and strengthened.

2. Next, a heapng abutment is affixed to the end of the implant, and this abutment will serve as the anchoring point for the actual tooth. The heapng abutment will heal very quickly, and this visit will only take a few minutes under Dr. Blackhurst’s expert care.

3. Finally, the last phase of the process is where the dental prosthesis is created. Impressions are taken of the mouth to ensure that the porcelain tooth that is created is an exact fit. Once completed, you can expect your dental implant to last for a very long time. We don’t know exactly how long dental implants will last, but the first procedure was done in 1965, and this person still has his implants in today!