Dental sealants are a less common but very easy treatment that can make dental hygiene a breeze. Sealants are done on the back molars to help smooth out the grooves and pits that can often collect bacteria and food. This sealing process is completely painless and helps to make sure that your brushing is even more effective than before!

This is how the dental sealant procedure works. First the molars and premolars are cleaned thoroughly and dried. Then sealant is applied with a brush and is just thick enough to fill in the biggest nooks and grooves. Then a curing light is used to harden the sealant and finish the procedure.

Dental sealants may benefit some people more than others. Ask Dr. Blackhurst to see if you could see a difference from the use of sealants. Some molars may already be quite flat and smooth, rendering the procedure unnecessary.

The application of dental sealants will go a lot smoother with a little help from you! A thorough brushing and flossing will help to clean out the grooves and surrounding areas of the teeth so that when the preparation of the tooth will go more quickly. This normally only takes a few minutes per tooth so you can be in and out in no time.

Sealants will typically last several years under normal biting and chewing conditions. Those who grind their teeth at night may notice their sealants wear out more quickly. Ask Dr. Blackhurst to look at your sealants during your routine check-up to make sure they don’t need reapplication.