Cosmetic Dentist in Midvale: Discover the advantages on top of improving a smile

What is cosmetic dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry commonly refers to any dental work that is done to enhance the appearance of the smile and teeth.  Whitening and Veneers are examples of cosmetic dentistry.  People get this kind of dentistry for a lot of different reasons.  Can cosmetic dentistry also be needed for reasons other than just improving your appearance?  Absolutely it can.  Crowns and even fillings are considered by many to be cosmetic dentistry.  They make the teeth look better, but only after fixing a problem.  Fixing issues with a person’s appearance is another common reason for getting dental procedures done.  Fixing gaps between teeth, improving the color and correcting the shape are all problems that are commonly fixed.  When looking at potential procedures, it’s best to consult an expert.  Blackhurst Dental in Midvale, Utah is recognized as a leader in cosmetic dental procedures.  Dr. Blackhurst can help decide which procedures might be the best for you.  

How do implants work?

An implant is an artificial root that connects a tooth or bridge and is attached to the jaw.  Since they are fused directly to the jaw, implants are one of, if not the best, way to attach replacement teeth.  The strength implants provide make them the ideal way to withstand the daily strain of eating and speaking puts on teeth.  Implants can be used to hold crowns, dentures, or bridges in place.  To receive implants, the patient must have healthy gums and jaw bones.  Since they are going through the gums, meticulous oral hygiene is also essential to getting safe dental implants.  

Do I need cosmetic dentistry?

Everybody has a different definition of exactly what “need” means.  In some cases, the need is pretty much undebatable.  As mentioned earlier, fillings and crowns are often considered cosmetic.  If a tooth with a cavity isn’t repaired with the use of a filling, it will continue to erode until it becomes a much larger problem.  Other types of procedures such as whitening and veneers are much more debatable if they are needed.  While getting aesthetic dental problems corrected can seem unnecessary and superficial there are a lot of reasons to get them.  If people have teeth that look awkward or have noticeable problems, it can affect how they are viewed as well as their self-confidence.  Getting the problem taken care of can change how others see them while drastically improving their confidence.  With so many options, it’s essential to get advice from our dental experts in Midvale before moving forward.  As mentioned, Blackhurst Dental has been helping people around the Midvale area decide which is the best route for them.