At Blackhurst Dental, family is important.

That’s why we’re excited to welcome new patients into our fun, friendly community where we treat them just like family.

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Servicing the Midvale and Cottonwood Heights area, we are affordable, kid-friendly dentistry passionate about helping people smile. At our office, our team of dentists works wonderfully with all family members, including children. Our assistants are vibrant, personable, and friendly, and make great connections with young kids. With professional training and experience in sedation and anesthesia, we can confidently make your children safely comfortable during their in-office appointment. We commit to giving a positive, stress-free experience for your whole family. We’ll take good care of them while providing the affordable nourishing treatment their developing teeth need.

Latest Techniques

Our team is also equipped to help the older members of your family. At our office servicing Midvale and Cottonwood Heights, our dentists offer affordable teeth cleanings biannually. For our teenage patients, our dentists provide an effective and affordable alternative to regular metallic braces. Instead of using an orthodontist clinic, we offer Invisalign care at our office. Invisalign straightens teeth more quickly and accurately than regular braces and are entirely invisible at a glance.

Innovative Technology

For older members of the family with cosmetic dental concerns, Blackhurst’s trained dentists are here to help. Serving the Cottonwood Heights region, we offer an array of affordable cosmetic procedures that will keep your teeth healthy and looking fantastic. Our cosmetic services include teeth whitenings. Our cosmetic veneers can alter the shape, color, appearance, or size of your teeth and can dramatically change your smile into something stunning. The dentists at our office also offer cosmetic fillings and crowns that will preserve your smile at affordable prices. Our office can also perform cosmetic implantations or restorations to fill in the gaps and fix your teeth. Implants have a reputation for being scary and painful. For implantations with our trained dental and sedation team, we will take every possible step to ensure a quick implantation recovery. For your implantation procedure, our team will carefully evaluate your bone strength to make sure you’re a healthy candidate. We’ll follow through to make sure the implanted tooth fuses to the jaw after the operation.

Certified Experts

At the Blackhurst Dental office of Midvale and Cottonwood Heights, patient comfort and satisfaction are our number one concerns. Our dentists specialize in affordably treating the whole family, tackling any case from cosmetic cleaning to implants. To learn more about our affordable family dentistry options, or for information about our cosmetic implant services, call our office today.

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